With an average of 16 meters of snow annually. Easy access to great powder in the side country and generously spaced trees. Welcome to Japow!

Sapporo Kokusai ski resort is just 90 minutes from Sapporo, and is known for getting tons of snow, It has a little different weather pattern that the niseko area so if you are not getting pounded with powder in Niskeo you may want to check the snow report in Sapporo Kokusai.

Felix: Amazing amount of snowfall. Plentiful side country and easy to navigate. Mountain laid out to suit all levels and great for progression of ski skills as beginners to advanced areas are linked by an intermediate in the middle. Lots of variety of food, cheap and plentiful. Reasonable touring to return to the main area.

Pat: Lots to do off course and the amount of snow!

Felix: Farm skiing from the middle of the resort pushing out to the side and BC areas skiing fresh all day.

Pat: Happy Hiking out to the back bowls!

Felix: Japanese curry

Pat: Japanese curry

Felix: Cheaper cousin to Kiroro, less crowd, equally good snow cover and terrain. Less under the limelight so cheaper in general without compromise with quality.

Pat: Fewer crowds mixed terrain and loads of snow


24km southeast of Otaru

Snow Pack

16 meters per year

Elevation Base



Resort Stats

7 Runs
5 Lifts
20% advanced
50% Intermediate
30% Beginner

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Day Trip


    • Ninja Powder guides will supplies the following (if required) ・Transport ・Guide ・Smiles all day and the best powder lines !
    • !! Lift pass NOT included

group size of 2 : 30,000 yen
group size of 3 : 25,000 yen
group size of 4 or more : 20,000 yen

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