Soul Stick : Snowboard – Retro Carver ” Retro Woodie ” 180cm


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Somewhere between the Cafe Carver and the Cafe Racer sits the no mans land of wanting a board that will carve hard, but still be forgiving and handle varied terrain: crowded slopes, mixed conditions, powder pockets and ice patches.

The Retro Carver slides in beautifully here. Stiff enough to ride with hard boots, but still soft enough to carve it up on stiffer soft boots. This is the secret powder hunters answer to a boarder cross style carving experience - all the edge hold and drive you could want, but with enough nose rocker and length to ride up easy and cleanly in even waist deep powder.

With a tapered outline, the sidecut is a parabola, allowing for quick corner entry, and slower more drawn out corner exit so you can really get down and lay out some full body dragging turns.

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Weight 100 kg

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