Soul Stick : Snowboard – Flashback ” Classic White ” 156/161cm


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The Flashback is an ultra modern tip of the hat to a bygone time, when snowboarding was heavily influenced by surfing and surf culture. It stands as the step between the Pitch Wing and the Scrambler in our line, offering a similar carving drive feel to the Pitch Wing, but without the compressible tail wings. This makes it a bit more suited for riding switch, and gives the back of the board a more predictable feel than the Pitch Wing.

Conversely, it has a more locked in feel than the Scrambler, that is more of a slashy, quick turning design that's focused more on riding tight tree lines, and cruising down trail edges, hitting the little powder stashes like you’re pocket surfing a beach break.
While the Flashback is slightly less powder focused than either the Pitch Wing or the Scrambler, it none the less feels quite at home in anything from ankle deep to knee deep powder runs, whether they’re tree runs or open bowls. But the Flashback’s true home is beautiful groomer runs where you alternate between laid out carves, and hitting pocket stashes of powder and kickers.

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Weight 100 kg

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