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Where to Find the Deepest Powder Snow in Hokkaido Japan

Hokkaido Japan has fast become the whistler of the East! With a yearly snow fall of 17 to 18 meters in some places it’s hard to resist for the powder seeking individuals with skis and snowboards coming to get there fix of the infamous Japow!! So it has become the...

Best Time to Ski in Japan

If you are a skiing enthusiast, for sure Japan is on your list. If not, add it! Japan is an amazing country with so many things to see and do. It offers four seasons and a wide variety of sights and activities for all kinds of travelers. And when it comes to skiing,...

Top Travel Tips for Making Your Japan Skiing Trip Easier

Top travel tips for making your Japan ski easier Japan, and particularly the northern island Hokkaido, is probably one of the best powder skiing and snowboarding destination in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter season in some areas gets over 15 meters of deep, dry,...

Hokkaido’s 5 Best Ski Resorts Off The Beaten Path

Hokkaido. Deep Powder Faceshots, Onsens, Sushi, Beer and more Tracked? Untracked? When you think of skiing in Japan, the first images that comes to mind is clouds of endless billowing powder, as lucky skiers and boarders rampage between the perfectly spaced trees. And...

Why does Hokkaido get so much snow?

In Hokkaido dotted through the landscape are literally hundreds of skiing resorts. Like many things in Japan, these skiing resorts are smaller compared to their European and North American counterparts. What they lack in size, they compensate for in incomprehensible...

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