7 Day Siver Ninja Ski Packages


Our 7 Day Sliver Ninja Trips are an epic journey into the backcountry of Hokkaido. Your deep powder and backcountry navigation skills will improve as we deal with a variety of terrain and classic Hokkaido Powder

Silver Ninja’s focused on over 60’s  *ok is over 50. Combine powder and more powder with sake, sushi and great company.

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Otaru, Sapporo Kokusai, Sapporo Teine, Furano, Asahikawa & Asahidake

*Locations Depend on conditions

Snow Pack

8-18 meters per year

Elevation Base


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Detailed Intenerary

Day 1- Meet in Otaru
Meet in Otaru at your accommodation at 5pm Otaru meet your guide and host who will run you through the tour, weather and answer any questions you have about the week

Otaru was the financial center of Hokkaido – a bustling port which was the center of trade with Russia and China – in the early 19thth century. The city invested some of the riches in the construction of grand, Western-style buildings infused with Japanese architectural features of stone and brick which line the town’s central canal. Spend the evening meeting your guide and team while walking through the canal to eat sushi as the local restaurant’s which are the best in Hokkaido.

Day 2- Ski Kokusai
Head to Sapporo Kokusai approximately 30 mins from Otaru. Check equipment and get the legs warmed up with a few on-piste runs. Your guide will put a game plan together to improve your abilities. Kokusai is a great place to gain confidence in powder and build on technique.

*As there may be a slight difference in the group’s abilities, your guide may split you into 2 groups for the first two days and work with both groups independently throughout the day.

*Night skiing. For those who want more at Otaru Tenguyama.Otaru has its own ski resort that overlooks the city. and its lights at night.

Day 3 - Ski Sapporo Teine
Sapporo Teine/Kiroro (If we are allowed). Build on day 1. Sapporo Teine has a vast array of on and off piste options

Ski/board in more challenging terrain and apply the skills learned on the previous day. Our ski group while get into more tree runs while continuing to work on technique. We have feedback session where you discuss your skiing/riding with your instructor during breaks.

Day 4 - Ski the Tomamu lift accessed backcountry
Transfer to Tomamu. Ski the Tomamu backcountry -lift assisted

Today’s focus is on individual feedback as we look to fine tune your technique. Your group will  do another feedback session early in the day, so you can see how your technique is progressing, to improve. We also encourage you to mix up your speed and turn shape and give you a few tips on how to analyse your own skiing/riding in future.

Day 5- Ski Furano or Tomamu then transfer to Asahikawa
Furano has great access to lift accessed backcountry. The terrain changes and the gaps between the trees get a little tighter. Here you will put into practise the tips and technique acquired throughout the week.
Day 6 - Kamui Links lift accessed backcountry
Asahikawa Kamui Links/Asahidake/Pippu

Based in Asahikawa you are now in the heart of Hokkaido. Take advantage of the great ski grounds like Kamui Links and Pippu for some lift accessed back country country which are in close vicinity. If weather and snow conditions allow head straight to Asahidake, Hokkaido’s tallest active volcano, one of the best places in Japan to find powder stashes

Day 7- Ski Asahidake
Ski Asahidake

Head out to the Asahidake. Here you will put into practice all the skills you have developed to take advantage of the expansive terrain around Asahidake.


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